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Sweet Betsy vintage van

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Who is Betsy

Sweet Betsy is a little curvy, cute and quirky, providing locals with the yummiest coffee and healthy vegetarian/vegan food options.  She loves to have fun operating as a pop up Café and she prides herself on dreaming big and thinking beyond the normal, providing a unique vintage, rustic, and earthy vibe.

Betsy believes in having a sustainable and positive impact on the environment and wherever possible we like to leave a healthy footprint on the planet.  Her menu is simple and everything she offers is sourced and made locally, supporting the ethos of live local, buy local.

Betsy operates Monday to Friday from 7am to 3pm, and she understands how busy locals can be, so her menu is catered for those her like to kick back and chill and busy people who are on, the go. 

Sweet Betsy believes in community and gives pack wherever she can.  She is beyond thrilled to be a part of a local initiative within the Kincumber Neighbourhood Centre and hope she can be of service to you.


Great Coffee

Chilling Vibes

Yummy Food

Good People





Praise for Betsy

I love Sweet Betsy! The sausage rolls were delicious and my fussy kids loved them and had no idea they were vegetarian. The funky chunky pie is YUM and the tea soda was amazing. So good and all served with love.

Melinda Dunlop

When I saw you set up at Shelly Beach Markets I was so so excited! Had a Funky Chunky and loved it. Thank you singing for spreading the vegan love and doing it in such a delicious way.

Hannah Bobana

I highly recommend the vegan milkshakes. I had the chocolate (cacao) milkskake with 2 of the vegan sausage rolls and they were amazing!

Lee Moore

Love love loved the sausage rolls.. and pies.. my 3yo loved them too.. havent seem him empty a dinner plate in a long time.. def keen to gtwb more stuff soon for my freezer.


Healthy food with heart in it. Fun and joy will never be far away. Vegetarian abundance! Thank you!!

Jerry L. Jackson

Brilliant idea, bringing the vegan lifestyle to the people. The “rock and roll” vegan sausage roll is awesome and the curry pie was very filling <3 big LOVE

Kwisatz Haderach

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